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1. Flash Flood

2. Hold On, Marie

3. August In December

4. This Is Love

5. Long Gone

6. All Too Soon

7. Long Way Back

8. Toluca Lake

9, Loved By You

10. Over The Moon

11. Carolyn

12. Wildflower

13 Bodhi (bonus track)

Touch  (2003)


This venture, and the theatrical style of the song, were a little bit out of the ordinary. Vicky and Paul were commissioned by Vicky's lifelong friend, and a fabulous actress, Deedee Rescher, to write a theme for the production of Willy Russell's Shirley Valentine, in which she was about to star.

       In a departure from their normal 'communal' writing routine, Vicky composed the music first and handed it to Paul. He wrote the lyric alone, since by this time he knew the script backwards, having moonlighted as Deedee's voice coach for the Liverpool accent!

Beyond These Walls (Single, 2005)


August In December (2015)


Coming soon!

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1. Falling

2. An Ordinary Day

3. Sweet Carolina

4. Touch

5. Baby Blue

6. What You Don't Need

7. Glide

8. Goodbye Old Friend

9, Baby Take Me Home

10. Before You

11. Anna Banana

12. A Good Run

13 Waiting For You

14 Sisters

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