vicky harris review

‘August in December’ by Vicky Harris - there’s a point these songs have to make
(July 20, 2015)

Vicky Harris has released ‘August in December’ and it’s the warmest, most endearing composition I’ve heard in a long time. Were anyone looking for a thoroughly feel-good yet thought-provoking musical experience, this is it. This collection of melody rich, softly sung, meaningful songs arrives with soft expression, stays with enduring grace and remains within your heart as Vicky’s voice ensures each one is soaked with feeling, reaching out and perfectly poised.

From small intimate family moments through poignant narratives to wider experiences of life’s struggles there’s a point these songs have to make – the reflective ‘Flash Flood’ opens, ‘Hold On, Marie’ expresses true love, while ‘Long Gone’ examines love lost, and the title track ‘August In December’ looks through a grandparent’s eyes. There’s the touching lament of ‘All Too Soon’, the tragedy of ‘Long Way Back’ revealing its tender hurt and the heart-rending ‘Over The Moon’ recalling the Sandy Hook tragedy. Songs that without becoming maudlin raise a smile or prompt a tear.

Adding their talents to ‘August in December’ are Michael Mugrage (guitar, piano, baritone uke, harmonica) Seth Glassman (bass) Paul Carne (guitar, mandolin, banjo, tenor uke) and Dan Tressler (fiddle) with David Kaye (dobro), Simon Shapiro (drums), Beth Styles (piano, synth) and Jerry O’Sullivan (uillean pipes).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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