vicky harris

“It was my pleasure to play Vicky's music on ‘Messages’. What a wonderful collection of songs. Thanks for giving us the chance to play it for our listeners.” Stu Weaver, Host of ‘Messages’, Radio WFCF, St. Augustine, Florida

“Thanks for sharing Vicky's wonderful CD with us.  I'm the one who reviews all the music we play and I loved the CD.  She has a wonderful voice, and I know a singer when I hear one.” Karen McDonald, Music Director, ‘Sidetracks’, syndicated show, WV

“You've a beautiful voice and I must say the listening community's a lucky one that you've charted out your life in song.  Beautifully simple, honest and wonderfully presented.” Len Osland, Host of ‘Roots and Writers’, Radio UMFM, Winnipeg, Canada

“Vicky Harris's ‘Touch’ is sure to find its way into many hearts. It's a privilege to be invited into her world.” Joy McKay, Rambles Review,

“… a magical album. Half a sound clip on CDBaby was enough to convince me I needed to hear the whole thing, and my very first full listen tells me that this one will be traveling with me for a very long time… I want to memorize this one!” Cindi Morgan, promoter, EFS House Concert Series, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“ ‘Touch’ is a wonderful collection of songs, each one a gem. [Vicky’s] voice is at times intimate, then soaring and weaving through her rich melodies and compelling, intricate lyrics. This album is a wonderful introduction to a great songwriter…” Irene Jackson, singer-songwriter, reviewer for The Muse’s Muse, Victoria, Canada

“Congratulations girl, this CD has a wonderful appeal to it. The songs and arrangements are so simple but so gratifying. I've created a category in my soul called the Laura Nyro, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Carrie Newcomer category. It is a very gifted category that many can't be a part of. I'd like to add you to that category.” Fred Migliore, Host and Executive Producer, ‘FM Odyssey’, national syndication

 “Add my name to the list of those who think Vicky is an exceptional talent.” Pete Fornatale, Host of ‘Mixed Bag’, WFUV, New York. Greatly missed. Rest In Peace.
"Sensitive musicianship, tasteful settings and perceptive lyrics. 'Touch'  [the title track] is a gorgeous romance." Bob Sherman, Host of ‘Woody’s Children’, WFUV, New York

  “I love your ‘Touch’ CD so much I'm going to feature it on the front page of  CD Baby…We're REALLY picky about what goes on the front page. [‘Touch’]  is one of the best I've ever heard.” Derek Sivers,  former President,

“How does one pick albums for the CD Baby home page? Well, waves and waves of goosebumps are one indication of a notable album. Like Mary Chapin Carpenter singing Joni Mitchell songs, or vice versa, this warm and rich-voiced folkie truly enchants and moves with her sensitive, reflective and introspective songwriting. Bravo!” Front Page Review

“I have to say that Vicky's cd is one of my faves! I hope everyone moves it to the top of their pile.” Clytia Fuller, Host of ‘Heaven’s Bar ‘n Grill’, Radio KZSC, Santa Cruz, California

What the industry said  about ‘Touch’ by Vicky Harris: